Redefining an Online Store’s Presence

website in mobile and desktop for an online e-commerce store

The Problem: The client, an e-commerce business, was struggling with a declining customer base due to an outdated and difficult-to-navigate website.

Our Solution: We redesigned the website, focusing on a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and modern aesthetics that aligned with the client’s brand. We also implemented SEO strategies to improve their search ranking and visibility.

In today’s digital world, having an attractive, user-friendly website and a strong online presence is crucial for any business. One of our clients, an e-commerce business owner, learned this firsthand when she turned to Solutionist Services for help. Here, we present a detailed look at the issues she faced, our approach to solving them, and the remarkable results we achieved together.

More On The Problem:

Our client, Jane, runs an e-commerce store offering a wide range of products. Despite having a diverse inventory, she was facing a decline in her customer base. Upon analyzing the situation, we discovered that the root cause was her website. It was outdated, not user-friendly, and difficult for customers to navigate, leading to a poor user experience and lower sales.

More On Our Solution:

Recognizing the critical role that a website plays in an e-commerce business, our team at Solutionist Services took a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, we focused on redesigning the website, ensuring that it was not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. We prioritized creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface that made the shopping experience seamless for customers. To resonate with Jane’s brand, we chose modern aesthetics and included elements that echoed her brand’s identity.

Secondly, knowing the importance of online visibility in driving sales, we implemented a strategic SEO campaign. We focused on enhancing the website’s content with relevant keywords, improving meta-descriptions, and optimizing site architecture to boost search ranking and visibility.

Outcome and Impact:

The impact of the website redesign and the SEO strategies we implemented was nothing short of remarkable. Within six months of the new website launch, Jane’s e-commerce store saw a whopping 150% increase in sales. But that wasn’t all. She also reported an increase in customer engagement and an improved customer retention rate.

"Solutionist Services transformed our outdated website into a modern, intuitive platform that our customers love. The increase in sales and customer engagement has been phenomenal."
Jane Client at Solutionist Services
E-commerce Store Owner

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